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New Hand Crimper and Decapper


The new Aijiren Ergonomic Hand Crimper and Decapper feature a lightweight and streamlined design that reduces wrist pain and discomfort from strain. Weighing 25-30% less than earlier designed models while eliminating hand soreness and pinching issues, the new design greatly improves the user experience. This tool is a must for every laboratory. The new crimper is designed with durability in mind: the 11mm crimper has at least 100,000 vial caps, and the 20mm crimper has at least 80,000 vial caps before any wear and tear that affects usability occurs.

Hand Crimper


1. The lightweight, comfortable, ergonomically designed handle fits perfectly with your hands without the danger of pinching your hands.

2. The top-mounted adjustment knob indicates the direction of tightening/loosening.

Hand decrimper

3. The adjustment knob also serves as an indicator that capping or decapping is complete.

4. A narrow crimp mouth allows for greater vertical clearance above the vial.

Hand Crimper for 11mm, 20mm Crimp Caps

5. Bottom handle movement is more controlled and improves jaw stability.

6. Handles are made of durable fiber-reinforced resin reinforced with a steel structure in the middle.

Crimper tool

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