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The 31st German International Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology Exhibition (ACHEMA 2015)


ACHEMA 2015 ended in June 19, 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. The exhibition is organized by the German Chemical Equipment, Engineering and Biotechnology Association, each Once in 3 years, it is the world’s largest chemical engineering and equipment exhibition and enjoys a high reputation in the global chemical industry.

Many tradesmen from this industry came to the exhibition, Packaging materials, machinery for production, manufacturing and packaging of the pharmaceutical industry, chemical equipment, process control equipment, chemical engineering technology, pipeline pump valves, processing technology, water treatment, biotechnology, industrial chemistry, mechanical processing, laboratory planning and equipment, physical And chemical analysis instruments.

In a short period of 4 days, Aijiren’s employees have gained a lot, and Aijiren’s products have also been recognized by many customers. This exhibition has a good atmosphere and results. Looking forward to the next exhibition.

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