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Learn About Aijiren Autosampler Vials


Aijiren Tech is a Based supplier of providing laboratory products, which specialized in the line of medicine, life science, chemistry, laboratory consumables, etc. We are striving to work with our customers to develop high-quality, end-user-oriented solutions to ensure consumers will have an enjoyable experience from using our products.

Over the years, with our commitment to product excellence, cost competitiveness and customer-oriented mindset; Aijiren Tech established prestigious business partnerships with major research, government, and environmental test institute, worldwide including Major Asia 40%, Europe 30%, and 20% of South America….

With a different range of material manufacturing and capacity options, sample vials are usually used for collecting, storing, and transporting samples in the lab. You can find non-sterile or sterile vials in the color of amber or clear transparencies for a better view.

Aijiren glass sample vials have a variety of sizes in clear or amber glass. For superior chemical resistance, clear vials are made of low extractable borosilicate glass. For protecting light-sensitive products, amber vials are made from borosilicate glass.

Three different types of sample vials are available: screw top, snap top and crimp top. It’s convenient that both snap vials and crimp vials can fit with either snap or crimp caps. And Snap caps can easily be applied and removed by hand. To ensure seamless operation with your autosampler, the crimp cap sample vial provides a bigger target area for improved autosampler needle accuracy.

And we guarantee that all of our vials, septa, and caps can work with the autosampler perfectly.

About autosampler vials, our main products include:

1. 9mm 2ml short thread HPLC autosampler vial

9-425 2ml vials

2. 8-425 2ml screw neck HPLC autosampler vial

8-425 screw-neck-2ml-hplc-vials

3. 10-425 2ml screw neck HPLC autosampler vial

10-425 screw neck 2ml vials

4. 11mm 2ml crimp top autosampler vial

2ml Crimp glass vials

5. 11mm 2ml snap ring autosampler vial

11mm snap Top HPLC Vial for autosampler vials

6. 4ml 13-425 screw thread vial

4ml 13-425 screw vial

7. 9mm screw top plastic vial


Aijiren sample vials can be transparent or brown (mainly used to avoid light), with thread, snap and jaw types. It features ultra-clean working environment/packaging, and specific packaging materials to reduce pollution, applicable to various types of GC headspace samplers.

The integrity, cleanliness, and uniformity of Aijiren sample vials( HPLC autosampler vials) are critical to today’s demanding applications. Aijiren offers 2ml, 10ml, 20ml, and 40ml sample vials, often used with HPLC, GC of Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters and other autosamplers. Flat-bottom vials are suitable for downward movement when the instrument is running. Flat-mouth vials have a large contact area with the septa and tighter seal.

The vial is made of colorless Class 1 A or amber Class 1 B borosilicate glass. The automatic sample vial is produced from high-quality raw materials. It has high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Controlled manufacturing environment quality and service have won the trust of customers; high-quality materials are used in the septum of the autosampler vial to ensure proper function, and it is widely used in multiple injections and/or longer sampling cycle designs as well as gas chromatography and liquid chromatography instrument.

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