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Aijiren 9-425 Screw Sample Vials for Sale


Aijiren 9-425 screw sample vial can used to autosampler system. The classification of HPLC autosampler vials is generally according to the diameter of vial body, vial height, and thread finish. Clear glass and amber glass present similar inertness. Aijiren can supply clear and amber 9-425 screw sample vial for sale. At the same time, 9-425 screw sample vial with graduation is available, which is useful for sample identification information.

9-425 screw sample vials can be suitably employed to inject samples from an autosampler. Sample vials come in variety of sized, 2 ml sample screw vials are ubiquitously used. Autosampler needle pierces through the septa during injection and withdraws the required amounts of analyte from the vial. Aijiren supply 9-425 screw sample vials for different chromatographic applications.

Aijiren 9-425 screw sample vial compatible to injection instrument. Designed for single injection and/or short sample cycles, particularly for LC applications. Aijiren 9-245 sample vial septa made of PTFE, Silicone and rubber material, which Absence of elastomer layer reduces potential for contamination. It is can help the experimenter improve the accuracy of the experiment.

Save time during sample preparation and reduce the risk of contamination using Aijiren 9-425 screw sample vial Convenience kits. Each kit includes 100 pcs glass sample vials and 100pcs screw thread caps with septa. Reusable two-compartment trays protect vials and closures while keeping matching supplies together.

Aijiren 9-425 screw sample vial for sale is the most popular vial. 9-425 screw sample vial can compatible to all instrument. Are there still stock 9mm sample vial in your laboratory? Please get 9mm screw vail as soon as possible.

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