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2ml Volume 11mm Crimp HPLC Vials from Aijiren


All Aijiren 11mm Crimp HPLC Vials are ideal for autosamplers and offer excellent chemical compatibility and ultra-cleanliness. 11mm Crimp HPLC Vials are the most commonly used gas sampling vials on the market today. Sample vials with a capacity of 2ml, particularly suitable for laboratory use. At the same time, some vial bottoms are designed at the bottom, so the bottom is flat and compatible with automatic sampling devices.

Strict quality of Aijiren 11mm Crimp HPLC Vials assurance provides dimensional consistency with optional ceramic write spots and fill marks across lots. Aijiren 11mm Crimp HPLC Vials full compatibility with autosamplers is guaranteed. Excellent quality control such as height, diameter, bottom, thickness, neck/thread, cleanliness, consistent quality across batches.

Aijiren 11mm Crimp HPLC Vials provide excellent sealing performance to effectively avoid sample evaporation. 11mm Crimp HPLC Vials and corresponding 11 mm aluminum caps can be easily and quickly combined with jaw capping tools. 11mm Crimp HPLC Vials can withstand heat and pressure and can also be used for chemical reactions. It can be used as an anhydrous and anaerobic reactive vial, especially for white open caps and thick PTFE/silicon septum vials.

The cap of the 11mm Crimp HPLC Vials are aluminum caps, you need to use the help of Hand Crimper when sealing the crimp cap. The Hand Crimper provided by Aijiren has the following advantages: safe, repeatable crimping or removal of the seal to reduce the risk of damage To a minimum. Lightweight, precision crimping pliers connect the seal to the chromatography bottle. Suitable for standard aluminum or flip seal.

The factory setting is to properly crimp seals of standard thickness. Adjustable handle fixing screws can make the spacers with different thicknesses be crimped correctly. Forged pliers have a suitable gripping surface and are designed to remove seals of the listed sizes. Just use pliers to seal the top tightly, squeeze upward and pry open.

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