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What is a headspace vial?



Simply put, headspace analysis is the analysis of gases present in headspace vials. The laboratory bottles used for headspace analysis are called headspace vials.

The essence of this experiment is that after the volatile sample is heated and volatilized, gas forms in the space at the top of the sample vial and then diffuses. Finally, the top gas above the volatile sample in the gas chromatography vial enters the gas phase for detection.

headspace vial

Suitable for gas chromatography analysis

When detecting volatiles or semi-volatile mixtures with relatively high boiling points, we need to heat to vaporize the substance at the top. During this process, the liquid (solid or solid-liquid coexistence) sample is at the bottom, so in the end, it can Measure the contents of the overhead gas without touching the liquid inside the vial.

It is important to know that complex sample matrices are not easy to analyze directly unless sample extraction solutions or preparations are used, but this will be a huge waste of time and resources! Therefore, you can choose to use the gas phase for detection and use high temperature-resistant and highly stable headspace vials during the detection process. , which is the best choice.

Application field

GC headspace technology is used to analyze volatile organic compounds in experiments after the gasification of solid and liquid samples. In recent years, the popularization of this technology has been recognized by laboratories, especially for the analysis of organic solvent residues in alcohols, blood, and pharmaceutical products.

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